Domestic vacuum packaging comparators

Domestic vacuum packaging comparators

Domestic vacuum packaging comparators


Comparative chart to help choose the domestic vacuum packaging machine

To choose the most suitable vacuum packaging machine for each need, we have created a comparative table of domestic packaging machines based on five main variables, conditioned by the normal operation of the machines. We have not taken into account the design, color, size or anything that can not be evaluated and that is subjective to the taste of each person. We have also used the models that we logically sell on our website and also the most common and known that are in stores like Amazon or Media Mark.

These variables are:

  • Vacuum pressure or the ability of the vacuum pump to extract air from the machine. The greater the pressure, the greater the vacuum is also reached

  • Vacuum flow measured in liters / minute or the amount of air that the machine is able to extract in a given time

  • Power. This variable may or may not be important depending on whether said power is applied to the vacuum or to the seal. Normally the manufacturers do not give this information for what is indicative and can not establish any definite advantage or disadvantage. The power is usually indicated in watts

  • Length of the sealing or sealing width that a vacuum machine can make in an embossed bag. The larger the sealing bar of a machine, the larger the bags with which you can work but also need more power and a greater flow of vacuum.

  • Price. It is the price of each machine that we included in our table at the time it was made and taken from the most common generalist websites (the cheapest we have found)


All data has been taken from the websites of manufacturers or internet stores that sell them and have been contrasted in at least two different stores.

Prices are based on: Higher and lower prices that we have seen in stores. Shipping and VAT are included in all prices


In the following chart we compare the different brands and models dividing them into four groups.

GROUP 1.  Those that to our understanding according to the different variables do not comply with a minimum standard of vacuum and sealing to be considered as machines of a sufficient quality. We do not sell this type of machines. There are many brands and models. All are of Chinese manufacture within its lower range.

GROUP 2. Those that offer a quality of vacuum and sufficient sealing. There are also many brands and models and the price differences from one to another are huge from 76 euros to 185 without significant differences between them. Most are manufactured in China in a superior range.

GROUP 3. Domestic machines of a very acceptable quality. More power in the pump and more work capacity. In this group there are both high-end Chinese and Italian machines. They vary in price from 84 to 180 euros.

GROUP 4. The best domestic machines for vacuum pressure, flow or sealing quality. They are very powerful and versatile machines. All of Italian manufacture. Here the prices vary from 160 euros to 399 euros.

In yellow are the machines that we sell in our store





(Marca) BRAND.

(Modelo) MODEL

(Presión) PRESSURE: Vacuum pressure

(Caudal) FLOW: Liters / minute

(Potencia) POWER: Power of the vacuum pump

(Sellado) SEALING: Maximum width that is capable of sealing the machine.

(Precios) PRICES: Greater and lower price that we have seen in stores. Shipping and VAT are included in all prices