Envasar al vacío potajes, caldos, sopas, etc.

Envasar al vacío potajes, caldos, sopas, etc.





With vacuum packaging we can rest easy when it comes to food. There are solutions for everything.



Today in the following video we explain how to vacuum-pack stewed lentils, a Madrid stew, soups, stews, broths, etc.



For this, as you can see, we will only need a vacuum packing machine, a mother jar like the one from the Garhe brand or the one from Laica and some ordinary screw cans that are sold in the Chinese or the ones that give us the super when we buy a lot of products.


The products that we pack by this method if they are dry like rice, pistachios, almonds, cereals, etc. they can be stored in the pantry. Those products that have moisture or liquid should always be stored in the refrigerator between 2 and 5 degrees.





These are the jars to use as a mother jar


Garhe's two-liter jar

The jar of 2 liters of Laica



With these packers you can perfectly do this process:


Garhe Cisne packaging machine

Garhe compact packaging machine

Laica VT3120 vacuum packaging machine