Pack fish

Instructions for vacuum packaging fish

Instructions for vacuum packaging fish




Tricks for vacuum packing fish, squid, octopus, etc.


In the following video we show you how, with a domestic vacuum packaging machine, you can vacuum-pack these products that sometimes seem so complicated.


Fresh fish, once washed, contains a lot of liquid, let alone squid or octopus.


If we do with our vacuum domestic packaging the normal process in automatic the liquid will rise through the bag, will reach the sealing area and flood the vacuum channel. The result will be that the bag will have been badly sealed and we will have to clean the machine thoroughly so that it does not deteriorate and pick up bad odors.


This can frustrate a lot and make us think that the vacuum machine is not worth to pack products that contain some liquid or moisture.


There are several solutions, all simple to perform with domestic vacuum machines (which have at least a suction capacity of -0.8 bar) and with professional vacuum packaging machines that we show you in the video below:





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