Cooking times with sousVide

Cooking times with sousVide

Cooking times with sousVide




Depending on the taste of each one, in the case of meat and fish, one can pass through the pan for a few seconds with very hot oil to brown before vacuum packing. This will not improve the flavor but it will give an aspect of cooked to the plate.

- Mussels and clams at 90 º C we give 2 to 3 minutes. They are cooked in their own juice inside the vacuum bag without losing any flavor. Excellent result

- Gambas and prawns at 60ªC we give 30 minutes. Once made we can take them out of the bag and in a pan with very hot oil we put a little salt and leave them a few seconds to brown. The result is extraordinary. They have a taste and texture like I've never tried them before.

- Salmon slices at 60ªC we give 25 minutes. The result is a smoother salmon, with more texture and that is not as heavy as grilled salmon. Very good.

- Gilthead seabream and trout (aquaculture) at 60ºC and 20 minutes of time. The result is surprising. Of a fish that normally is not worth much we obtain an exquisite fish.

- Meat roasted at 60 º - 3 hours to make it tender and juicy.


I have always cooked more. In the sink I put cold water and several ice packs and put the freshly cooked (closed) bags in the water for about 15 to 30 minutes until they have reached 5 degrees of temperature.


Then I put it in the freezer.


After several days it is taken out of the freezer and left to thaw slowly in the fridge or thawed directly in the sousVide.


The bag with the food inside is also regenerated in the sousvide at 60ºC for 5 to 10 minutes if thawed and for 20 or 25 minutes if it is frozen.


Once this is done, the bag is opened with scissors, served on the plate and eaten.