Advantages of cooking sous vide

Advantages of cooking sous vide

Advantages of cooking sous vide


Cooking sous vide - A technique that has come to stay


Vacuum cooking at a controlled temperature has become an indispensable technique for any kitchen. More than a fashion it is a culinary technique that is indispensable both for its advantages related to the quality of the product, as well as for the economic and organizational advantages that it implies.


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  • It does not stain just when cooking.
  • The food always remains exquisite even if you have no idea of ​​cooking.
  • You can have cooked food stored in the freezer to use at any time as if it were freshly made

Regarding the quality of the product:

- Products more tender and tasty and with a better texture

- Minimal loss of moisture and weight

- Preserves the flavor by not losing water-soluble substances especially aromatic.

- Highlight flavors and retain colors.

- It preserves the nutrients because the minerals soluble in water do not disperse (by not being in contact with the cooking water)

- It has been shown that vacuum cooking retains much more vitamins than traditional cooking or steaming.

- You hardly need to add fat and salt to the food.



Economic and organizational advantages:


- Maximizes early preparation and facilitates work during peak hours.

- Minimizes product shrinkage t allows you to accurately control rations and costs.

- Low energy consumption compared with ovens.

- Possibility of regenerating different dishes at the same time.

- Reduction of cleaning times.

- Very simple use and consistent and consistent results.

- The planning of the production allows to expand the menus.


Apparatus for vacuum cooking (sous vide)

Bags for vacuum cooking (sous vide)