Vail-Square 800 vacuum sealer

Product no.: Vail-Square-800

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- Made entirely of stainless steel.

- Transparent hood lid for clear visualization in packaging operations.

- Cap pumped for greater capacity of the hood.

- Digital electronic board with 6 programs

- The heat resistance is easily removable for greater comfort both when cleaning the hood and when changing its own components

- Suction mode with micro openings: in this way the machine will not have any problem when it comes to absorbing the air, it can never be obstructed .....


- Maintains the freshness of the food and its original flavor.



- System of 6 memory programs, with individual screen that provides easy reading and operation.

- Fresh meat, Fish, agricultural products, electrical components, prepared meals, etc.


- Model: Vail SQUARE 800

- Machine Dimensions: 910 mm x 540 x 450h

- Camera dimensions: 810 mm x 420 x 160h

- Sealing bar: 1 x 300 mm and 1 x 800 mm removable with detachable cable 

- Options: Gas

- Vacuum pump: 25m3 / h - CE

- Tension: 220v / 50Hz

- Stainless steel cabinet

- Automatic lid opening

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