The sealed with embossed rolls

Instructions for sealing the embossed rolls

Instructions for sealing the embossed rolls





Video-Guide for the positioning of vacuum bags and how to work with embossed rolls


Many customers have asked us how to make bags with the embossed rolls.

They understand that you have to cut them but then they are open on both sides and you have to seal one of them

In this video we explain with two different vacuum packaging machines how to place the embossed bags to make the vacuum correctly and also how to place the embossed rolls to make only the sealing on one of their faces.

To make embossed bags starting from an embossed roll we will see that it is enough to place the beginning of the roll (the mouth) on the sealing bar of the packaging machine but without reaching the vacuum channel. The lid is lowered and the vacuum button is pressed normally.

Since the bag is not in the vacuum channel area, the machine sucks in the little air in the channel and automatically seals the roll.



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