Spare parts Sammic

Spare parts Sammic


If you need a spare part for a machine of the Sammic brand, both vacuum packers and any other product of this manufacturer, regardless of the year of manufacture we can provide it within 3 to 5 days.

Below you have the spare parts of all Sammic machinery by product groups. Click on the group you want and then on the model of your machine and you will see the list of spare parts with photographs. You can order them as you wish to find yours.

(If the machine is under warranty, please contact the commercial company that sold it)

For this we need to provide us with the following information.

- If you do not know the reference of the piece do not worry. We will send you a file with the breakdown of the machine so you can tell us exactly the part you need.

- Please do not call us for the parts request

- Send us an email with all this information plus your personal information to