Fryers water - oil




Oil and water system


The WATER and OIL system allows all the waste produced from frying to be deposited in the
bottom of the tank, where the water is.

 The water is at the bottom of the tank as it is heavier than the oil, which is always in contact with the food.

All the waste is deposited in the water until at the end of the day they are evacuated along with the water through the tap outside the fryer.

The make-up water is poured into the fryer over the oil and descending to the bottom of the tank makes us
oil cleaning work, dragging the residues that are in the oil. These actions makes life
of the oil is greater.

During the frying process with the WATER and OIL system we are allowed to fry different foods
without mixing its flavors.

When we put the loaded baskets in the oil, we can see that particles come off that at the same time are deposited at the bottom of the tank where the water is. This prevents overheating of these particles in the oil and does not contaminate it.



Waste filter


In all our new fryers we have incorporated the residue filter as standard.

 This filter is placed at the bottom of the tank where it stores the waste for the day.

It is recommended that at the end of the day it is removed and a cleaning is done.

In the FHM models it is always in contact with water, in order not to burn the residues and not contaminate the flavors of frying.


The filter has different positions to place the basket to heat the amount of oil that one

At the same time it also has a support reinforcement so that the resistance is always on the same work plane, in order to avoid tilting in the basket.

Also in the filter, the upper rod serves to support the basket and drain all the excess oil that is in it before removing the cooked product.