Economic domestic vacuum packers

Economic domestic vacuum packers



Cheap domestic vacuum packers

Among the vacuum machines are the simplest. All work with the embossed bags and most also with the jars and accessories of their corresponding brands.

They have a low vacuum capacity and capacity and can be used to package food or fresh products such as meat, fish, cereals and, above all, ham and sausages.

They must work with small bags that in any case should not exceed 25 x 35 cm or a similar measure because their vacuum pump and its benefits do not allow for more.

The sealing is simple of a single line and at the moment when there is a drop of liquid, fat, etc. is lost and we also lose the vacuum (you can see our article why does air get into the bag? Garhe Cisne and Garhe Compact models that have a manual button that allows to control the emptying process of the bag and cut when some liquid approaches the sealing area to resume afterwards.






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Sealing bar 30 cms. It works with embossed bags.

Pressure: 55 cm / Hg (0.75 bar).

Power: 110 w.

44.95 *

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All automatic and only sealed options

Width of embossed bags up to 25 cm. Machine for daily use at home

59.00 €
45.00 *
You save 24 %

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The most powerful at the cheapest price of household vacuum sealer.

53.99 *

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Sealing bar: Bags up to 30 cm. Packaging of containers with 2-liter Jar Garhe

Power: 150 w.

Flow rate: 11 l/minuto

58.00 *

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Super narrow with a depth of 8 cms and a height of 5.5 cms.

It has different options: Automatic, manual (for delicate) and only sealed.

64.00 *

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Machine with automatic and manual options - sous-vide kitchen

Flow rate: 11 liters/minute - Power: 175 W

Spare parts for Garhe vacuum sealers

73.95 €
65.90 *
You save 11 %

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Machine with options automatic and manual

Flow(Wealth) 11 liters / minute - Power 175 w.

Work with embossed bags

86.95 €
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Normal and extra-sealed sealing.

Its options are: automatic vacuum, manual pulse vacuum and  only sealed.

110 w - 0,7 bar - 12 lit.


121.00 *

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