Terms and Conditions


• Prices and payment:

Paumeweb, S.L. reserves the  right to change the price of the articles without previous notice,in agreement with the conditions and variations of the market. The prices of the products of our catalogue do not constitute any offer and therefore it is not an obligation to supply them to the above mentioned price.

All the invoices  and delivery notes of purchase have to be paid on  the date showed in the same ones. The payment will have to be effected by  the way indicated at the moment of the order and in Euros. The form of payment is reflected in our catalogue. In case of some incident happens during the paiment , the customer service will communicate by e-mail to the client.


• Availability

The products that appear in our cataogue are always in stock. There are some exceptions caused by human mistakes or computer mistakes, the stock maybe isn't updated in the moment of the purchase of the product. However, in case of lack of stock of any product, the buyer shall be notified by email in the shortest period of time possible.


Right of withdrawal

Law 3/2014, March 27.


The consolidated text of the general consumer and user protection act


3rd article. General concept of the consumer and user.

In effect of this legislation and without prejudice to the provisions specially in their 3rd and   4th books, the consumers and the users are the natural persons that act with an apart purpose to their commercial activity, business, trade or profession.

The consumers are also to the effects of this legislation the legal persons and the entities without legal personality that non-profit act in an apart ambit to a commercial activity or business.>>

Two. Modification of the 4th article, wich would read as follow:

<<4th article. Entrepreneur's concept

For the purpose of this legislation, it considers entrepreneur to every natural or legal person, it could be private or public, that act directly or through another person on its behalf or following its intructions, with a purpose related with its commercial activity, business, trade or profession.>>


The Rigt of Withdrawal is exclusive for consumers and users.



You have the right of desist of the present contact (give back the product) in terms of 14 naturald days without needing a justification.

The withdrawal period expires 14 natural days to count from the day that the product was received. 

        To exercise the withdrawal right, you must notice your decision of desist the contract through a unequivocally declaration (for example, a letter sent by snail mail or email). You could use the formulary form of withdrawal on the bottom of the page.

        To meet the withdrawal deadline, it suffices to the relative communication to the exercise on its part of this right being sent before the corresponding deadline.

Consequences of the withdrawal:

In case of withdrawal for its part, we will give back all the payments recieved by you, included the delivery expenses (you must assume the direct cost of the goods' refund) without any undue delay and, in any case, no later than 14 natural days after the date in which you inform of your decision of desist the present contract. We will proceed to effectuate the said refund using the same way of payment used by you for the inital transition.


“You have also the option of compliment and send by email the form of withdrawal or any other unequivocal declaration through our web site: http://www.envasadoravacio.com/Formulario-de-devoluciones. If you turn to this option, we will communicate without delay in a lasting support (for example, by email) the reception of the withdrawal said”.


We could retain the refund until we receive the goods, or until you have presented a proof of the refund of the goods, according to what condition is fulfill first.

“You must give back to us or provide us the goods to the exact address we communicate, without any wrongful delay and, in any case, at the latest in 14 natural days after the date that you communicate us your decision of contract's withdrawal. The period will be considered completed if you make the refun of the goods before that period is over”;

“You must assume the direct cost of the goods devolution

Only you will be the responsible of the disminution of the goods value as a result of a different manipulation from the necessary to establish the nature, the characteristics and the operation of the goods. In case the goods present evident signs of use, if it doesn't have its original packaging, its instructions and of all the accesories we could apply a reduction of your refund accordingly to the lost of value of the goods or even reject the refund.


Withdrawal application (refund)


Guarantee and after-purchase service for individuals
Every material sold benefits from: - the legal guarantee of conformance - the legal guarantee of latent defect - the manufacturers guarantee, which varies in length and duration according to the products and brands.
The shipping costs of the product or products are for the account of the customer. Nevertheless, if the legal conformity guarantee is applicable to the returned product or products, all the costs deriving from such return 
will be reimbursed to the customer. The guarantee is granted by the manufacturer of each product for what it's their responsibility to take care of that product, of its reparation and of its delivery to the customer. You cn contact directly to the manufacturer to exercise the guarantee righ or you can also contact with us by email to: contacto@envasadoravacio.com and we will indicate the steps to follow.


For all particular customers that had purchased articles for home use the guarantee is extended to a minimum of 2 years and the manufacturer, in case of being necessary the use of that guarantee, will pick up the damge product, they will repair it and they will take it back to the customer's house without any cost fot the customer. This guarantee won't have validity if the cause of the breakdown was produced by using the product for something different to what it was designed for or if it was damaged or broken deliberately.


Guarantee for professional customers (prefessional use)

For all professional customers that had purchased the articles for professional use the guarantee is extended for a year (unless the manufacturer extends it to a superior period). This guarantee preotect only the reparation or reposition of the pieces or damge parts and it doesn't cover the labour, it also doesn't cover the costs caused by the transport of the goods to repair.