Domestic and professional fryers.

Fryers are common cooking equipment in bars and restaurants and they are also found in many houses. They are equipment that serves to make a food cooking by immersing it in some type of oil or fat.

In the domestic, our capacity of choice is limited to the power, the size of the tank, the quality of the materials of manufacture and the design.

In the professionals the possibilities increase because we have them electric and gas which in turn can be natural, butane or propane. There are tabletop fryers to place on the work platform and there are standing with their own fastening.

The option of frying and also the result is called frying and we could divide it into two groups: superficial if the product is not completely submerged, like the one we would make in a frying pan and deep when the product is totally submerged.

To fry, vegetable oils such as sunflower and olive oils are used in Spain. In other countries corn oil and soy oil are used. They also use vegetable fats like butter or even synthetic oils. The latest trends in food and health are introducing fried foods and coconut oil.