Bell vacuum packing machine Lacor 69352

Bell vacuum packing machine Lacor 69352

Product no.: 69352

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Lacor 69352 domestic vacuum packing machine bell

Possibility of carrying out bags (the roll is included)
Supports the aspiration of liquids and sauces without the need to freeze them before
Packaged through an AIR COMPRESSOR. Compressor with piston. It has an air inlet and outlet valve.


Vacuum machine for domestic use similar to professional bell packing machines but working with a piston pump,it is simpler and by absorption system, instead of with vacuum pump and decompression system.

This machine is very useful for lovers of vacuum cooking because it can pack both solid and moist products such as products seasoned with sauces, spices, etc.


It also has the advantage of working with both bags and rolls and incorporates a blade for cutting rolls - bags.

Maximum bag size to use 30 x 30 cm or less

You have the options to control the vacuum and sealing time



Technical characteristics

External dimensions  42 x 38 x 27 cm
Vacuum chamber dimensions 30,5 x 32,2 x 8 cm
Weight 10 Kg
Power 350 Ww.
Vacuum capacity 0,9 bar
Pump capacity 60 liters/minut
Bag width 30 cms



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